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Workplace should be fun

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Laughter in the workplace

To create a very dynamic environment, a boss should inject a lot of enthusiasm and open communication to the team making it a work full of fun and excitement. A workplace with a happy environment creates so many positive results and possibilities. Many unique ideas and marketing techniques were discovered on these moments were everyone participates. Open communication, teamwork and familiarity with one another are some factors to make it successful.
Try sharing some jokes and funny stories to your employees or make them share too. It is very difficult to work on an environment without good relationship. Remember first impressions last.
Since we are starting a business we need and it is a must to have a good start.
Team workshops helps build teamwork and communication gaps. I remember when we do workshops new friends and bonds are created.
Scientifically speaking, laughter is really effective because there hospitals in the who uses laughter as a medium to rehabilitate some patients undergoing recovery from trauma and shock and other illnesses.

Play video that promotes laughter and happiness. Show positive movies, clippings that temporary isolate the environment of the team players to the pressures and stress of the workplace. These will help us renew their spirits and revitalize their mind and body.
Get the special days like birthday anniversary of your people and greet them when time comes. WORK SHOULD BE FUN…


Written by aqquinte

April 2, 2009 at 12:56 pm

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  1. I have just come across your blog and I have to agree with you the work place should be fun, one must remember that we spend more of our lives at work and if it not a place that we enjoy and are unhappy at whats the point, one has to be happy and want to be there and we actually spend more time with our co workers than we do with loved ones on a daily basis, yes work should be fun.

    Janet | Web Design

    May 27, 2009 at 8:02 am

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