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My Story : Perseverance,determination – must have

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Patience, perseverance, diligence and determination these are the keys for me to overcome all the trials and challenges I been through. My name is Alvin Quintela.I was born with the reality that that life is not that easy. Being the only boy among four children I have the responsibility to support my family on every need since childhood. I use to sell “pandesal”, the Philippines’ national bread in the morning ice candy and iced buko in the afternoon before and after school. I do this to augment my needs as an elementary student. I discover basic skill and talents in these days. I join the school chorale and the school paper editor staff. I enjoyed writing poem and articles. We are survivors. There are times just for us to eat we gather left over of rice trunks during harvest and sell them. We plant vegetables on a vacant lot owned by other people and sell the harvest and divide the cash for them and the remaining will be ours for our needs. During vacation I wash jeepneys and sell rags for drivers and my frequent meal on those occasions is rice with fish sauce. Fish sauce is free so I only need to buy rice. I learned how to persevere and call on God for help all the time, understanding that we exist because of His love for us. I have graduated 5th overall on the graduating class of San Rafael Elementary School batch 1991. I was so fulfilled I have finished another journey.

My high school days are filled with adventure. I have practiced my writing skills when I became the editor in chief of the school paper “The Licerians”.I competed on several journalism competitions. The best for me is when I qualified for the national event held in Baguio City, one of the distinguished tourist destinations. Although I did not win anything on the events I joined it was a fulfilling experience for me. I discovered the love for sports these times. Considering the height at 5’9” and my very good physical condition I easily blend to the basketball, volleyball and the baseball varsity team. The natural calamities that hit the Philippines in those times did not become a hindrance for me to continue. I learned how to be patient. I drove a pedical for commuters and earn to support my needs in the school. A pedicab is a bicycle attached to a side car that is driven by manual pedals. I graduated 4th overall on the graduating batch of 1994 of Gen Licerio Geronimo Memorial National High School.

It never came to me that I will step into College. I was happy during that time being a high school graduate. I am ready to find a descent job start a family raises up my kids until one time Meralco Foundation Institute conducted an examination for scholarship grants. Fortunately I was selected. About 224 out of 2000 aspirants passed the two months rigid training on filing skills, math, science and English proficiency. I have chosen electrical technology as my course. I really wanted to be a journalist and take up mass communication courses but I got no choice the program is free. The curriculum was awesome. I would consider the level of competency to engineering courses on prominent universities. I learned to discipline myself and budget my resources. We don’t have enough money to support my everyday allowance. There are times I ride on jeepney for free. To do this I hang myself at the back bumper .All of these hardships ended when I graduated and started be able to secure a job. I worked on a semiconductor company as a technician on wire bond process. I stayed for nine years and transferred to another but only stayed for three months. I decided not to work anymore and start to build my own business. I want to have peace of mind. I started to accumulate skills from mobile phone repair, computer repair to web development. As an advice to those people out there doesn’t give up all the challenges you will encounter in life. Life is a continuous learning process. All things happen for the benefit of people specifically those who love God even if those seem to be bad in our perception. There is diversity of ways for us to obtain success. All you have to do is discover it. Success is not obtaining material wealth; it’s how you define it, for me its contentment.


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April 9, 2009 at 1:23 pm

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  1. Very nice.


    April 13, 2009 at 2:45 pm

  2. Thanks Gomer have a nice day..


    April 13, 2009 at 4:17 pm

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