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Be Organize: Effectively handling a meeting with a good plan

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A successful firm involves a lot of management support and organizational skills. It will be a waste of time and money if it is not handled properly. Differences arise and poor decisions are made when leaders fail to convey a good message on meetings.  Some conducts hours of meetings and yet members who attended the meeting discussed the same topic with questions and unclear results on their mind,wanting to take actions and initiative to do specific task but with fear that they are not authorized to perform it.

A leader can easily solve these kind of issues by practicing good moderation and properly facilitating meetings.A good meeting should provide swift,efficient exchange of information,enhance motivation,enable coordination and can easily resolve minor issues immediately.I have discussed on my previous blog that planning is very important and in an effective meeting this is crucial.

What should we prepare for in a meeting?

  1. Objective of the meeting
  2. Date and time . Two hours of meeting maximum is just ideal
  3. Attendees
  4. Prioritization of agenda with time line
  5. Meeting minutes with specific task owners

Always make a meeting as lively as possible by involving the audience and avoiding monotonous situation. Encourage participation and conversation that makes tension go away. My previous blog on about creating a happy environment will also help. To create balance to a meeting we need to address the agenda issues immediately to set an atmosphere of professionalism and urgency.

Managing a business is always coupled with great amount of time and effort. Be responsible and organize.  It will all start with good plan.


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